General Manager 

Personnel Director

Office Assistant

Agriculture and Competitive Exhibits

Agriculture & Competitive Exhibits Director

General Entry & Fine Arts Coord.

Livestock & Small Animal Events Coord.


Accounting Supervisor

Accounts Payable

Box Office

Accounts Receivable

Marketing, Sponsorship and Rentals

Grounds Entertainment & Rental Director

Sponsorship Program Assistant

Sales & Rental Coordinator

Media and Public Relations

Colorado Department of Agriculture Director of Communications

Operations and IT

Operations Director

Property & Facility Manager

Electronics Specialist

Facilities Service Coordinator

Facilities Service Supervisor

Facilities Services

Facilities Services

Facilities Services Technician

Facilities Services

Michelle Hines

Adam Kuhn

Carl Bishop

Tracey Carlson

Rich Torrez

Jenny DeHerrera

Jessie Espinoza

Carlos Gamboa

Ethan Montoya